Building the Nest

A welcome to my new house. A bird has build a nest and laid eggs above the carriage lamp next to my front door. Nesting together. What a lovely gesture from mother nature.

The list is endless, as are the choices. There are obvious necessities that I have to purchase for my new home, including kitchen appliances, counters and backsplash along with bathroom tile and vanity. But a shower drain? I didn’t know that was a choice. I never paid much attention to the trim around doors and didn’t know doors had alternative closing and locking mechanisms. (did you?)

The bathroom tile has been fun, although I am keeping it simple. It would be way to easy to get lost in the web looking at gorgeous options. My bathrooms are small and I am going neutral. My kitchen backsplash will be another story!

Hexis and elongated hexis. Would you expect anything less from a quilter!

Interior doors. Exterior doors. Window tinting color. Window frame color. I have a lot of choices and decisions to make. When it is all said and done, it will be fabulous. Perhaps I spring for the refrigerator with the coffee maker build in.

Johanna Creates a New Home

My future fun house (minus the truck)

Life moves forward quickly. If and when I stop to really think about it, the amount on my plate is overwhelming. The positives are that everything is forward moving, and I am all about positive, forward movement in all that I do. Become solo in the last year (by choice) and an empty nester has meant a lot of changes at the home front. I no longer need the big family home, as my boys have moved on to college and a career. A down-size was in my future and I seized the opportunity to look for a place that felt like a home I would enjoy.

There was a lot of hunting in the area I had preferred, with so many homes already updated in a HGTV inspired, DIY manner – but without the skills. It was interesting to see what finishes people chose and how much they wanted to charge for their “renovations”. With support and guidance, I found the courage to go with a fixer upper myself! A home that had a lot of the features that I had on my wish list: a nice neighborhood with no HOA, a floor plan with no wasted space (for me that would be a living room and dining room), no pool and a 2 car garage. The house is an original from 1972, with the formica counter tops and green enameled hardware. A super blank canvas for me to choose some of my own finishes and make it my special fun house!!

The original 1970’s kitchen.

I worried about having space for both boys plus a sewing and craft area (the latter being oh, so very important!) and then I realized that I can have the entire house as my creative space if I choose! What an exciting and liberating thought!

The living space. A blank canvas (currently with popcorn ceiling)

This is my first home purchase on my own and it is a learning experience! I have been learning about older home construction (for my area the 70’s is old), roofs and windows. I have a lot to choose but the opinions will be all mine (within a budget of course).

Join me as I take this new adventure in remodeling and creating a new home. Share your thoughts, experiences and ideas – there is a lot to see and learn.

Let’s be creative!!