Reusing & Recycling Kitchen and Bath

I am loving the idea of upcycling and repurposing furniture and cabinets for new kitchens and baths! Those rooms cost so much to build new and why not add some charm while I am at it? My friend found this Heywood Wakefield desk for sale and it is the perfect size and style to be made into a bathroom vanity!

My beloved craft room custom cabinets. Coming with me to my new home as a a kitchen!
(pardon the mess. I am packing to move.)

I love my giant, custom designed craft room in my current house. It is the one thing I will miss the most! I carefully designed the layout with shelves, cabinets and an island complete with document drawers and power outlets. The hardware was the jewelry that completed the look. As the room is such a personally designed space, my realtor and I decided to remove the built ins and make the room into a plain and simple staged room, perhaps a playroom. It seemed such a shame to discard such nice material so with a little design tweaking and a couple of new cabinet boxes, my former craft room will become my new, contemporary kitchen – complete with awesome hardware! A couple of extra pieces will be used in a new laundry room! I am so happy with how this is turning out! I am saving money AND keeping quality elements of one home and repurposing them into a new one. Thought I would share a bit of an update. Lots more to come!