Reusing & Recycling Kitchen and Bath

I am loving the idea of upcycling and repurposing furniture and cabinets for new kitchens and baths! Those rooms cost so much to build new and why not add some charm while I am at it? My friend found this Heywood Wakefield desk for sale and it is the perfect size and style to be made into a bathroom vanity!

My beloved craft room custom cabinets. Coming with me to my new home as a a kitchen!
(pardon the mess. I am packing to move.)

I love my giant, custom designed craft room in my current house. It is the one thing I will miss the most! I carefully designed the layout with shelves, cabinets and an island complete with document drawers and power outlets. The hardware was the jewelry that completed the look. As the room is such a personally designed space, my realtor and I decided to remove the built ins and make the room into a plain and simple staged room, perhaps a playroom. It seemed such a shame to discard such nice material so with a little design tweaking and a couple of new cabinet boxes, my former craft room will become my new, contemporary kitchen – complete with awesome hardware! A couple of extra pieces will be used in a new laundry room! I am so happy with how this is turning out! I am saving money AND keeping quality elements of one home and repurposing them into a new one. Thought I would share a bit of an update. Lots more to come!

Building the Nest

A welcome to my new house. A bird has build a nest and laid eggs above the carriage lamp next to my front door. Nesting together. What a lovely gesture from mother nature.

The list is endless, as are the choices. There are obvious necessities that I have to purchase for my new home, including kitchen appliances, counters and backsplash along with bathroom tile and vanity. But a shower drain? I didn’t know that was a choice. I never paid much attention to the trim around doors and didn’t know doors had alternative closing and locking mechanisms. (did you?)

The bathroom tile has been fun, although I am keeping it simple. It would be way to easy to get lost in the web looking at gorgeous options. My bathrooms are small and I am going neutral. My kitchen backsplash will be another story!

Hexis and elongated hexis. Would you expect anything less from a quilter!

Interior doors. Exterior doors. Window tinting color. Window frame color. I have a lot of choices and decisions to make. When it is all said and done, it will be fabulous. Perhaps I spring for the refrigerator with the coffee maker build in.

Johanna Creates a New Home

My future fun house (minus the truck)

Life moves forward quickly. If and when I stop to really think about it, the amount on my plate is overwhelming. The positives are that everything is forward moving, and I am all about positive, forward movement in all that I do. Become solo in the last year (by choice) and an empty nester has meant a lot of changes at the home front. I no longer need the big family home, as my boys have moved on to college and a career. A down-size was in my future and I seized the opportunity to look for a place that felt like a home I would enjoy.

There was a lot of hunting in the area I had preferred, with so many homes already updated in a HGTV inspired, DIY manner – but without the skills. It was interesting to see what finishes people chose and how much they wanted to charge for their “renovations”. With support and guidance, I found the courage to go with a fixer upper myself! A home that had a lot of the features that I had on my wish list: a nice neighborhood with no HOA, a floor plan with no wasted space (for me that would be a living room and dining room), no pool and a 2 car garage. The house is an original from 1972, with the formica counter tops and green enameled hardware. A super blank canvas for me to choose some of my own finishes and make it my special fun house!!

The original 1970’s kitchen.

I worried about having space for both boys plus a sewing and craft area (the latter being oh, so very important!) and then I realized that I can have the entire house as my creative space if I choose! What an exciting and liberating thought!

The living space. A blank canvas (currently with popcorn ceiling)

This is my first home purchase on my own and it is a learning experience! I have been learning about older home construction (for my area the 70’s is old), roofs and windows. I have a lot to choose but the opinions will be all mine (within a budget of course).

Join me as I take this new adventure in remodeling and creating a new home. Share your thoughts, experiences and ideas – there is a lot to see and learn.

Let’s be creative!!

Creating a New Life in 2019

‘Keep Moving Forward’ has been a mantra of mine for a long time. I have felt that as long as I am moving in that direction – forward – it was good. Being stagnant or going backwards wasn’t the right movement (although it is sometimes unavoidable). This past year – 2018 – has seen a lot of change and a lot of forward movement. Exciting, frightening, nerve wracking, empowering – the list of adjectives may be endless.

The year began with a trip to Napa for Craft Napa, an annual art retreat where I felt at home among my tribe of creatives (mostly women). The Spring brought both a college and a high school graduation for my two boys, which led me down a path to being an empty nester. After years of soul searching, I decided that the clearing of the nest should include my husband of 25 years. These drastic changes enabled the unleashing of creative momentum that has only scratched the surface of possibilities. With a weight lifted off of my soul and many invisible boundaries lifted, I am undertaking a forward moving, all-encompassing, creative life change.

Stacks of old and loved Moleskine art journals.

The new year always brings people to start or reignite their blogs, as well as joining in the many creative challenge that begin at this time. (And mind you, I am still tempting to join in one or two). There is so much goodness on my plate that I want to share it with the world. Certainly I am not the only one moving their retail store followed by moving homes while running the business, taking care of dogs, working out with a desire to get more competitive, planning an art vacation to Bali and seeking a new personal life. In addition there are creative ideas and endeavors that I have never been able to get out of my head and believe it is time to see these ideas to fruition (like videos!). Ready to join me? Let’s go!

My preferred planner – Hobonichi Techo – with favorite black journaling pens.

As much as I have tried to use my electronics as my method of planning out my life, as a creative, visual person I must always have an old fashion paper planner with room to write down what I need to do by the month and day (at least). I have my new one prepped and ready to go into its adorable case. Washing tape lines the edge of each month and the day that starts each month in the daily section so I can access them easy. I have found this is the best planner for me, as I don’t have to change them out monthly like I did with the Midori Traveler (although I loved the flexibility of the system. ). I also keep a Moleskine sketch book handy so I can make notes, jot down ideas, sketch things I see or ideas I may have.

I look forward to sharing my creative journey with you. I will be documenting my shop build out this month both here and on the StitchCraft blog. Sharing the creative ideas will be fun! Here is to a wonderful 2019 – filled with joy, love and creativity!!